Floral Denims

Denim are in fashion & has evolved since decades. Earlier it symbolised trend among working class mainly labourers & was known for its strength and durability. But now it signifies easy to wear & comfort for a long run along with the fashionable essence.

Denim is a style statement itself. Along with the surface textures & essential trends which enhances your closet. Treatments on the surface like colour, patterns, wash & detailing are practised nowadays. Prints, graphics, textures in denim shades introduces a modern twist to the current denim trends.

Floral fashion with the subtle tone or tone prints, pastels are now back in trend. Floral denim can be paired up with the cute sneakers. It can go well with the round glasses giving playful look for the springs. Complimenting it with the embellished sling bag or a fringe bag is pretty enough to complete the entire look.

Pairing it with printed denim jacket makes it more casual & trendy. Just don’t be afraid to mix prints on prints. But make sure that the prints are quite similar in look which creates a balance in the look.

  • Garment: Abhishek Asthana, NIFT Gandhinagar
  • Model: Aavya Choudhary
  • Styling & Makeup: Ankita Anand, NIFT Gandhinagar
  • Content & Photography: Ankita Anand, NIFT Gandhinagar

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