British Country Side Clothing represents the rural gentlemen & women. Many elements of the countryside fashion are used by the modern designers like the tweed jackets, the trousers, boots, flap caps.

The traditional countryside fashion color palette consists olive, navy blue, grey & gingham prints are quite common.

Countryside fashion style showcases the elegant & sophisticated rural & suburban clothing desires. Although they are farm inspired styles, this goes quite well with Wellington boots. Adding Brogues makes the look complete with the jackets & tweed coats for men. Considering the geographic region, tweed coats are perfect for countryside fashion. Giving them warmth and style statement both.



Single breast button-up style fully checked and slightly faded shoulder blazer matched with olive trousers completes the countryside look.


  • Lens: 50 MM
  • Styling & Shot by: Ankita Anand
  • Model Captured: Dipika Mishra
  • Location: Gandhinagar